Sometimes, when you cross paths with someone who is having a hard time. you just don't know what to say. You want to help...but you don't know exactly how to help.

We have a solution for this dilemma.  Give a Rose Card, a card that says, "You Matter" and gives them a link that help them find the help they need.

The Rose Card is a message of hope, a life preserver for someone who is lost at sea, the little difference that just might make a difference in someone else's life.

You may never know what your act of kindness might achieve...but those are the very best acts of kindness, the ones you do without any expectation of receiving anything in return.

The Starter Pack of 25 Rose Cards is free of charge. Additional packs are priced to cover the cost of printing, shipping and handling, plus a small surcharge to help us spread the message that HOPE HEALS.

When you place your order for Rose Cards, you will be contacted during regular business hours in your time zone so that we can take your payment information over the telephone, unless you would prefer to pay by check (and we would actually prefer checks because that saves up to 4% from the credit card processing fees.)

Your order will be shipped the next business day using the US Postal Service for United States locations. Additional fees may be required for international shipping.