If you are feeling hopeless or that your life is in danger, call 988 or send a text to 741741 within the USA, or contact a resource local to you.

Howard S.



Sometimes, I unintentionally struggle with my tone of voice or the way I say things. This was the case when one day I was speaking on the phone with a dispatcher at my job. She thought I was yelling at her; I wasn’t, but it did affect how I made her feel. I felt very bad and shared the situation with my girlfriend. She told me it was important to resolve the issue and let the woman know she was doing a good job. My girlfriend had given me one of the rose cards to give to the woman the next day. She was so touched she teared up and told me she wasn’t sure she liked me before but now I was her friend. It made me feel so good to make that lady’s day and a new friend. I asked my girlfriend for more cards. The next day, I took them to work and began handing them out to everyone I crossed paths with. The joy, love and appreciation I encountered was incredible. It made my days go by smoother and happier. Being kind brings healing, not only to the person you give the roses to, but it brings healing to yourself.