If you are feeling hopeless or that your life is in danger, call 988 or send a text to 741741 within the USA, or contact a resource local to you.

Ray N.



The night before I received the rose card, my wife and I had gotten in a big argument and I was considering leaving and getting a divorce. Recently before that, my oldest step daughter told me I wasn’t her Dad, so she didn’t have to listen to me and the mother of my youngest daughter was trying to prevent me from seeing her. Working in customer service is tough because people think it is my job to put up with their attitude. Despite that, I still show up at work everyday and smile and laugh and joke around – trying to be positive – despite my own personal issues. That day a customer came through the drive through was an especially difficult day for me. That small gesture of her giving me the rose card meant everything to me. I understand that so many people have things going on in their lives so much more serious, especially right now, and we never know the crosses they may bare, even through the laughing and smiling they may present to the outside world. Please be kind to others. All we need is Love.