This Is Our Why

I’d like to tell you a story of two of the most resilient, kind and others focused individuals I have ever met. This is the story of Crystal, Noah and The Hope Unite Movement.

Crystal is the single mom of Noah, a six year old boy, that has already had to face more challenges than some adults. The story begins 3 years ago when Crystal’s husband and Noah’s father made the unfortunate decision to take his own life. This of course left a great void and sadness in both of their lives.

Through the following years, Crystal admitted to having strong feelings of anger and an inability to understand how her husband could make the choice to leave her and her son to fend for themselves. Noah, even at his young age, struggled to understand and always asked, “when would God send his daddy back?” However, because Crystal is resilient, kind, an incredible mother and one of the strongest women I know, she pushed through. She started a business and designed a professional hairdresser tool that was set to launch in 2020. It was the success and breakthrough she had worked so hard to achieve. Then the unimaginable happened to our world. The Covid pandemic abruptly ended Crystal’s business in the beauty industry and her entire world as she knew it.

It was at this time when Crystal started to have an understanding of her husbands desperation and struggle to go on. There were days she didn’t get out of bed. There were days she wished it would all just end. It was sweet little Noah that pushed her to go on. He would say, “Let’s do something happy Mom!” Although she tried to hide her sorrow and desperation he somehow knew. This is when the realization came that if she felt so disconnected and hopeless there must be others! She decided she was not going to give in. Crystal with Noah’s help and sweet demeanor set out to intentionally connect and let at least one person per day know that they Matter, they are Special and they are Awesome!

This was the initial spark that ignited the Hope Unite Movement. Crystal poured all her time, energy and financial resources into helping her and Noah by helping others! The goal of The Hope Unite Movement is to make the world a better place by facilitating acts of kindness that will reach those who need to know that someone cares, that there is hope, and that their life has value. We achieve this by reconnecting with others and letting them know they matter. Please help Crystal and Noah help others by providing your financial support, sharing your story and/or joining the movement