A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilled Sailor

Challenging Mornings:

Ever have those days where you don’t want to get out of bed and you have to make yourself? Yea that was today for me. I opened my eyes and thought Oh No, I don't want to do this today! This is my brain sometimes. I have been diagnosed with CPTSD which causes my brain to malfunction and not cooperate at times. Over the years I have collected tools that help me cope with these days. One of the tools I used today was the positive self-talk tool. 

The Power of Self-Talk

If talking to yourself makes you crazy, then I am one. “Find something positive to focus on Crystal" that works for about five minutes. Then I tell myself,  “Go make someone else's day a little better because you're not the only one that feels like this.” but how can I make a positive impact when I am stuck in a negative headspace?’ 

My belief is that many of us have these days from time to time, the saying it is okay not to be okay is true and someone right now needs to hear that, you are not alone.

Feel to Heal

I found the best way to get over this hump is to allow myself to feel these feelings for a certain amount of time and not to push them away or ignore them. That’s called repression and although this may feel okay for the moment it is not beneficial in the long run. A mantra of mine that I say is “feeling is healing” Sometimes giving an allowance of 5 minutes of crying (feeling the feeling) followed by a 10 minute meditation and journaling then adding a hot shower while listening to some fun music to hype up the mood, viola, I am feeling much better ready to face the world.

Tools for Coping

We all have our bag of trauma and loss that life gives us to work with and then we find tools to help us cope. Some of those tools are beneficial while others are not so much. 

Speaking to the hearts of the hurting right now, I encourage you to make a list of what strategies are good for you and practice them on the harder days. Take 30 minutes out of your day to care for yourself and remember a day is only 24 hours, we can do anything for 24 hours. 

You Got This!

The Power of Energy

Science proves that energy is real and measurable. When we shift our energy we impact ourselves in a positive way and the people around us. This is what I like to call a win win. When I connect with others with the “You Matter” rose cards it impacts me in a positive way just as much as the receiver because being kind is healing. 

Therapy and Roller Coasters

It is my belief that every human being should have an assigned therapist at birth to ride the roller coaster of life with, while remembering that it's okay to throw your hands up in the air every once in a while.

A Message of Hope

As I write this at the close of this day I hope it has helped someone. Whoever needed to read this hang in there because we don't know what tomorrow may bring, it could be the day you win the lotto, ya never know.🙂

With Hope & Love,


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