If you know someone in need of an act of kindness or support,
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The Hope Unite Movement is an Act of Kindness Movement bringing solution focused attention to the mental health challenges and feelings of disconnection that so many have faced this past year.  Since the beginning of the pandemic, Suicide Rates have risen 40%, while overdoses and substance abuse is also on the rise. Depression in young people has been increasing.  So many people are suffering not just physically, but economically, spiritually  and emotionally.


Our goal is to make the world a better place by facilitating acts of kindness that will reach those who need to know that someone cares, that there is hope, and that their life has value. We achieve this by reconnecting with others and letting them know they matter.
All proceeds will support Random Acts of Kindness and Suicide Prevention in partnership with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

The Rose Cards In Action!

Rose Cards Have Been Given Out So Far Thanks to Your Support!

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This Is Our Why

This Is Our Why

I’d like to tell you a story of two of the most resilient, kind and others focused individuals I have ever met. This is the story of Crystal, Noah and The Hope Unite Movement. Crystal is the single mom of Noah, a six year old boy, that has already had to face more...

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Brady Stiffler to attend the School of Rock in Oviedo, FL

Brady Stiffler to attend the School of Rock in Oviedo, FL

Boca Raton, FL— 5/14/2021 — Brady Stiffler will be attending the School of Rock’s “Music Camp for Teens''. This is Hope Unites’ first facilitation, as an Act of Kindness Movement to facilitate many more in the future. “Brady has had health issues beginning around the...

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Hope Unite at the FD

Hope Unite at the FD

Showing special thanks to our hero’s “Hard times don’t create hero’s it’s during the hard times that the inner hero is revealed” To our hero’s; A special recognition to you for your service to humanity.

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“Sometimes I unintentionally struggle with my tone of voice or the way I say things. This was the case when one day I was speaking on the phone with a dispatcher at my job. She thought I was yelling at her but I wasn’t but it did matter how I made her feel. I felt very bad and shared the situation with my girlfriend. She told me it was important to resolve the issue and let the woman know she was doing a good job. My girlfriend had given me one of the rose cards to give to the woman the next day. She was so touched she teared up and told me she wasn’t sure she liked me before but now I was her friend. It made me feel so good to make that ladies day and a new friend. I asked my girlfriend for more cards. The next day I took them to work and began handing them out to everyone I crossed paths with. The Joy, Love and Appreciation I encountered was incredible. It made my days go by smoother and happier. Being kind brings healing. Not only to the person you give the “Roses” to but it brings healing to yourself”

Howard S.

Testimony from a Giver

Thank You for Joining Us in the Fight to #StopSuicide

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is dedicated to saving lives and bringing hope to those affected by suicide. AFSP funds scientific research, advocates for policies we know will save lives at the local and national level, raises awareness, and provides resources to those affected by suicide.
Creating a culture that’s smart about mental health begins in our local community. Our network of chapters in all 50 states bring educational initiatives to local towns and cities nationwide that inspire hope and awareness, and provide programs and resources that encourage healing after loss.
The more we understand about suicide, the better we can develop ways to prevent it. As the nation’s largest private funder of suicide research, AFSP funds innovative studies that examine the causes of suicide, and how we may best prevent this leading cause of death.
As research brings greater understanding, we know there are policies today that can be enacted that will save lives. That’s why we advocate for mental health legislation at the state and federal levels that we know can make a difference.
Thank you for joining with us in this fight. We know that together, we can and will #StopSuicide.