Global Statistics Show Every 40 Seconds Someone Takes Their Own Life.

How Can Your Kindness Make a Difference?  

Welcome to Hope Unite!

Our Mission is to spread kindness, help prevent suicides and advocate for trauma survivors while fighting the stigmas that have been placed on mental health.

If You Are in Need of Support, We Would Like to Help You Find It!

Everyone Has A Story, Share Yours With Us.

Your story holds significance. Do you have a story of hope to share? We would love to hear it! Are you in need of support during these challenging times? Our Care Coordinators are here to listen and help connect you to a support system that may be available to you. You are not alone.

Did you get a wildflower seeded You Matter card?

Each You Matter card is a lifeline and has the power to save a life.

How to Get Involved

Join Hope Unite's global mission of kindness and support. Whether you're an individual, business, or organization, there's a place for you to get involved

Get You Matter Rose Cards

To help our mission continue to grow, join the movement!

We have recycled paper rose cards and wildflower seeded cards you can give out as a DIY bouquet.


with Us

We are always looking for passionate people that believe in the power of this message and would like to share it nationwide. Alone we are one but together we are many!

Sponsor the Movement

To keep this movement moving we rely on your financial support. All financial contributions go towards helping to cover our costs, programs and suicide prevention initiatives.

The You Matter Message:

A Global Echo Our World Needs

The You Matter Message has reached







Our goal by end-2024 is to reach 100,000 people with this message as a beacon of hope and catalyst for change. Join us in spreading kindness and affirming every individual's worth, turning a domino effect of kindness into global transformation.

We Help Equip Kids for Life's Challenges

The Kids for Kindness program is designed to teach our children emotional intelligence during their developmental years. Science shows that consistency in healthy habits can benefit brain development. Our goal is to equip our youth with health coping skills throughout their lives. Studies show that children with healthy emotional development have better social skills. We believe that implementing the Kids for Kindness program during these critical developmental years, can help eliminate the numbers of teen suicide in our youth.

We are raising money to get this program in the hands of 300 kids at the open of the 2024 school year and are looking for financial supporters to help fund this program.

Kids for Kindness

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