If you are feeling hopeless or that your life is in danger, call 988 or send a text to 741741 within the USA, or contact a resource local to you.

There is HOPE

Our vision is to see a world where suicide is not a leading cause of death and people are connecting with each other in kind ways.

You Matter

Every action makes a difference.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to fight suicide, encourage kindness through connection, and promote natural remedies for trauma healing.

The You Matter movement exists to inspire a domino effect of kindness that can help change our world for the better. 


Sometimes, I unintentionally struggle with my tone of voice or the way I say things. This was the case when one day I was speaking on the phone with a dispatcher at my job. She thought I was yelling at her; I wasn’t, but it did affect how I made her feel. I felt very […]

Howard S.


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