If You Are Feeling Hopeless or that Your Life is in Danger, Call 988.

If you are feeling hopeless or that your life is in danger, call 988.

If you are feeling hopeless or that your life is in danger, call 988.

Statistics Show One Person Dies by Suicide Every 40 Seconds.

How Can Your Kindness Make a Difference?  


Did you get a wildflower seeded rose card?

Our mission is to prevent suicides and advocate for trauma survivors while fighting the stigma that society has placed on mental health. We believe that the “You Matter” message has the power to save lives.

How to Get Involved

'You Matter' Movement

As a Movement participant you will join a team of individuals that believe in the power of this message and would like to share it with others.

Sponsor the Mission

It’s your financial contributions that help us expand our efforts and create more suicide prevention initiatives like our Kids for Kindness program.

Become a Partner

We are looking for businesses and organizations that would like to partner with us so that we can help more people.

Hope Ambassador

Are you a Celebrity? Influencer? Athlete? or someone in a position to help us make a huge impact?

The You Matter Message:

A Global Echo Our World Needs

The You Matter Message has reached







Our goal by end-2024 is to reach 100,000 people with this message as a beacon of hope and catalyst for change. Join us in spreading kindness and affirming every individual's worth, turning a domino effect of kindness into global transformation.

We Help Equip Kids for Life's Challenges

The Kids for Kindness program is designed to teach our children emotional intelligence during their developmental years. Science shows that consistency in healthy habits can benefit brain development. Our goal is to equip our youth with healthy coping skills to have access to in their teen and young adult years.   

Kids for Kindness

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