Step Into Your Kingdom/Queendom

Stepping into Your Role

Did you know that you are the king or queen of your world? If you do not consider yourself a king or queen, then it is time to step into your role.  A narrative that challenges me will place me as the victim of my story, but that doesn’t do me any good and thankfully I have the power to change it. 🙂

The Power of Thought

Science shows us that the way we think is directly linked to the way we perceive and influence our environment.

Ever heard the term “stinking thinking”? Obviously this term is self explanatory, I learned this term in the woman's home that I was in as a young adult, this home is where I started my healing journey, I am forever grateful.  Side bar, I find it funny, or not so funny when I read self help books or watch different motivational seminars that don’t weave in genuine statements like,“Hey y'all, even if you implement what I am telling you to do, some days will still be challenging, some days more than others. This is all great stuff to listen to and implement but some days you're gonna still feel like shit.”  Embrace that!

Embrace Imperfection

I know that many times I need some realness in my darkest moments. Sometimes hearing: “You're still going to have bad days even if you do what I am telling you to do because I am not God and I am not you.” is the kind of realness I need to comfort me, this brings acceptance to being a flawed human and helps keep me from falling into the perfectionism trap that my mind likes to play with, which is just a recurring set up for failure you see. Another sidebar, I can tend to hop from topic to topic from time to time. If you keep coming back you may notice this but instead of trying to change that about me, I make a choice to embrace it.  

Here is some realness, I would like to say that I always take my own advice but unfortunately that's not always true, the advice I give often challenges me at times. Can anyone else relate?  Throughout my forever healing journey I found that my subconscious will struggle to feel empowered or worthy enough to take this great advice and can sometimes feel more comfort in being the victim. I know, weird, right?This is the core wound that has challenged me since I was a kid. Being conscious of this core wound is empowering and helps me to make the role switch from the victim of my story to the queen of my environment! This role switch changes EVERYTHING for me when I practice it. Someone that I admire taught me that practice makes progress. 🙂

Accepting Labels and Goals

As I continue to grow, heal and become more aware of myself and know that  this is a forever healing journey, I am able to see more opportunities to empower myself to achieve my goals. Self talk for the day: “Hey Crystal, empowerment comes from implementing some of this great advice. Step into your Queendom!” 

The advice I am giving to myself and to you today is to accept the labels that serve you, and get rid of the ones that do not.  Become the queen or king of your world and make your choices based on how you want that world (your world) to run. What do you want to see happen in your job? How do you want your kids to turn out? What do you want your interpersonal relationships to look like? How can you contribute to yourself to make that happen? Write these things down on paper and set a few attainable goals for the day. Never try to do more than you have available to you, and offer yourself grace in the times of need. 

This is what I mean by becoming the queen or king of your world. We all have the power to run our lives this way. If you want to be Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or Prince Charming by all means, maybe that is where you are today—accept that as well. Just don't ever stop the climb until you see yourself as the royalty you were created to be. The only time I perceive failure is when all effort has ceased, anything else is just a climb. Maybe accepting the rise and falls in life is just a normal process of things. 

Don't ever stop trying to reach your goals, because they are all attainable to you, if you think they are. 🙂

With Hope & Love,


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