Where Do You Fit?

Join Hope Unite's global mission of kindness and support. Whether you're an individual, business, or organization, there's a place for you to get involved; from sharing 'You Matter' rose cards, volunteering, financial sponsorship or becoming a part of our support network. How can your strengths and passions contribute?

Ways To Join The Movement


As a movement participant you will join a team of individuals that believe in the power of the “You Matter” message. If you would like to share this message with others, this is where you fit.


Want to sponsor the movement? Our sponsors help keep this movement moving. If you would like to help financially support the mission in this way, this is where you fit.


Our volunteers are nationwide and actively focused on spreading this message of hope throughout our communities. If you would like to join our team this is where you fit. 


If you are an organization or business that is dedicated to helping people with their mind, body or spirit this is where you fit.

Share Your Story:

Voices of Hope and Resilience

Stories have power – to inspire, comfort, and teach. In the You Matter Movement, we value all stories, from triumphs to struggles. Whether you've transformed personally, faced challenges, or want to offer support, your narrative matters. Share your story to inspire or seek support if needed. By sharing your experiences you strengthen the bond of our shared human connection.

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