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We are not just about spreading a message; but about real, tangible change in people's lives. Witness the powerful impact of these acts through the experiences shared by those touched by the movement. Here, we feature Tish's story – a testament to the profound change Hope Unite has had on an individual's life.

I wasn't sure if Hope Unite could help someone like me at first, but after reaching out, I discovered that this is an organization led by individuals that will bridge the gap when you feel like you've been passed around a lengthy number of organizations in search of the one that's suitable for you. They helped me to find the support that I needed during a very difficult time in my life.


Business Advisor

I am Malik and I am 16 years old, these cards have given me the opportunity to bring hope to people. It is very heartwarming to watch how their faces light up when I give them a card and explain what it is for and how it can help them. These cards have opened up a lot of doors for me in my town and symbolize hope and unity. I hope my testimony brings you joy and hope just like it did for the people I shared the cards with.


Sometimes I unintentionally struggle with my tone of voice or the way I say things. This was the case when one day I was speaking on the phone with a dispatcher at my job. She thought I was yelling at her but I wasn’t but it did matter how I made her feel. I felt very bad and shared the situation with my girlfriend. She told me it was important to resolve the issue and let the woman know she was doing a job. My girlfriend had given me one of the rose cards to give to the woman the next day. She was so touched she teared up and told me she wasn’t sure she liked me before but now I was her friend. It made me feel so good to make that ladies day and a new friend. I asked my girlfriend for more cards. The next day I took them to work and began handing them out to everyone I crossed paths with. The Joy, Love and Appreciation I encountered was incredible. It made my days go by smoother and happier. Being kind brings healing. Not only to the person you give the “Roses” to but it brings healing to yourself.

Howard S.

The night before I received the “Rose” my wife and I had gotten into a big argument and I was considering leaving and getting a divorce. Recently before that my oldest step daughter told me I wasn’t her Dad so she didn’t have to listen to me and the mother of my youngest daughter was trying to prevent me from seeing her. Working in Customer Service is tough because people think it is my job to put up with their attitude. Despite that, I still show up at work everyday and smile and laugh and joke around trying to be positive despite my own personal issues. That day a customer came through the drive through was an especially difficult day for me. That small gesture of her giving me the rose card meant everything to me. I understand that so many have things going on in their lives that are so much more serious especially right now and we never know the crosses they may bear even through the laughing and smiling they may present to the outside world. Please be kind to others. All we need is Love.


PNC employee

Hope Unite has been such an extraordinary organization to be a part of. The lives that have been changed stem from the smallest gestures to the largest! I personally love the “You Matter” cards for many reasons. They have brought so many smiles to so many people in my life including strangers. I even grew my business through sending a handwritten letter that included a “You Matter” card. This accountant that I was trying to get a meeting with was so moved by this gesture, they not only gave me a meeting but ended up giving me a lot of business! These cards can be so special to so many different types of people and you never know who's day you are going to make or what you may get out of this small act of kindness!


ADP Employee

I am a DoorDash driver and have been leaving my cards with every delivery. One of my DoorDash people called me back and said that I made her life. It was Christmas Eve and she was sad and alone. She shared she saw my rose card and had to call me. We talked for a while. She shared she had lost her mother a few years ago two days before Christmas and this time was really hard for her. We talked for about 20 minutes. She needed someone to talk to and the “You Matter” card gave her someone to call. I absolutely love this movement.


DoorDash Driver

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