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Business Name
Enchanted Jewelz Empire LLC

(754) 255-2105

Specializes in genuine crystals, natural gemstone beads, and handmade copper jewelry, emphasizing personal guidance and a commitment to wellness.

Fides Restoration

(561) 720-3284

Provides family services in Southeast Florida, extending their reach depending on the job size, and offers case-by-case assistance and discounts.

Healing Couch, Inc.

(754) 234-6991

Provides psychotherapy, counseling, family services, addiction recovery, social work, and crisis intervention.

Healing in Harmony Yoga with Crissy

(772) 201-1567

Offers yoga and wellness services across the USA, including virtual sessions via Zoom.

Jessica Gort, LLC

(843) 227-2715

Offers psychotherapy, counseling, family services, addiction recovery, insurance coverage assistance, and legal help.

Peptides First

(561) 866-3800

Focuses on wellness, fitness, and nutrition services, with offerings in physical and medical care, legal help, and social work.

Sarah Louise Naturals

(954) 621-5682

Offers products like candles and therapeutic showers steamers bath salts.

Surviving Suicide Foundation

(402) 831-1165

Specializes in addiction recovery and crisis intervention, serving Nebraska and Kansas with presentations on self-care and suicide prevention.

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